The program “Health Sciences Applied to the Locomotor System” is offered to graduate students interested in investigating various aspects of the locomotor system. We offer Master’s and Ph.D. courses. We welcome experts such as orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, physiatrists, radiologists, physical therapists, physicists, engineers. The goal is to train highly-qualified human resources for occupations in teaching, research, scientific, and technological development.

The program is developed at Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine, one of the branches of the University of São Paulo, located in a city about 200 miles away from São Paulo, Brazil.

During the master’s and Ph.D. studies, the students must attend several courses offered by the institution and develop original research to be published in high-impact scientific journals. Furthermore, the students shall interact with an advisor, who is an expert in the field of research under development.

Program Coordinator :

                                             Prof. Dr. Luis Vicente Garcia