1-   Motor activity, bone repair, osteoporosis: bone quality models and therapeutic interventions. Research projects using animal models of osteoporosis, fractures, muscle atrophy and joint degeneration, with emphasis on the study of therapeutic methods for treatment of this diseases. Advisors: Profs. José Batista Volpon, Antonio Carlos Shimano and Marcelo Papoti.

2-   Clinical evidence on affections of the locomotor system, chronic pain and anesthesia. Systematic review and metanalysis on musculoskeletal alterations and diseases and corresponding therapeutic approach. Evaluation tools and questionnaire analysis of function and life quality related to general health as applied to the locomotor apparatus, concerning chronic pain and anesthesia. Advisors: Marcelo Riberto, Flávio Luís Garcia, Carlos Fernando Pereira da Silva Herrero, Daniel Augusto Carvalho Maranho, Helton Luís A. Defino, José Batista Volpon, Luís Vicente Garcia, Waynice Neiva de Paula Garcia, Altacílio Aparecido Nunes, Fabrício Fogagnolo, Rodrigo Salim e Marcello Henrique Nogueira-Barbosa.

3-   Advanced methods of Diagnostic Imaging analysis applied to the investigation of the musculoskeletal system. High resolution magnetic resonance imaging, multislice computed tomography, bone densitometry, ultrasonography and prototype building are used in the investigation of normal and pathological anatomic structures of the locomotor apparatus. Advisors: Marcello Henrique Nogueira-Barbosa, Carlos Fernando P. S. Herrero, Daniel Augusto de Carvalho Maranho, Fabrício Fogagnolo and Rodrigo Salim.

4-   Innovation and investigation on technological and therapeutic resources for the locomotor apparatus. Bioengineering resources are used to develop new orthopedic equipments, new technologies and software, to study/stimulate/measure bone healing phenomena, with assisted technology applied to therapeutic practice. Advisors: José Batista Volpon,  Antonio Carlos Shimano and Rodrigo Salim.