The Curricular Structure is aimed at ensuring the training of students in synergy with the objectives of the Program. There is content focused on the nuclear training of graduate students providing opportunities for learning scientific methodology and writing scientific texts. Nuclear training subjects are recommended for all students, and the student may eventually take equivalent or complementary subjects offered in other PPGs. There are core subjects recommended specifically for the Master’s course and others for the Doctorate course. There are disciplines to support the different lines of research, as shown below.

Nuclear Training Subjects recommended for the Master’s Course:

Course Number – Discipline (Description)

RAL 5830 – Standardization of Scientific Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (Description)

RAL 5832 – Bibliographic Search: Access to Databases

RAL 5838 – Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials

RAL 5856 – Research Methods in Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution

RAL 5872– Clinical Research and Meta-Analysis in Non-Pharmacological Interventions

RAL 5877 – Osseointegration of Implants in Orthopedics

RAL 5879 – Advanced Aspects of the International Classification of Functionality, Disability, and Health

RAL 5881 – Experimental Investigation Methods on Stimulation of Bone Fracture Consolidation and Treatment of Union Abnormality

RAL5887 – Advanced Resources for Analysis of Results in Scientific Research

RAL 5888 – Updates and Advances in Methods of Assessment, Prevention, and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

RAL 5889 – Advanced Topics in Surgical Anesthetic Risk

RAL 5891 – Biomechanics and Application of Locking Plates

RAL 5893 – Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) in Clinical Decision Making

RAL 5894 – Advanced Topics and Scientific Evidence in the Treatment of Knee Diseases

RAL 5895 – Academic Writing Techniques

RAL 5896 – Invasive and Non-invasive Protocols for Assessing, Prescribing and Monitoring Aerobic Training Applied to the Locomotor System

Semi-annual enrollment:

The regular student must enroll in the Janus System every six months until submitting the dissertation or thesis.

There are two types of enrollment: enrollment in courses or attendance enrollment (if you are not going to take the disciplines).

The semi-annual enrollment shall be made in January and July, according to the schedule informed by the Dean of Graduate Studies by USP e-mail.

Failure to enroll implies termination of the Graduate program.

The Special Student is an undergraduate student who enrolls in Graduate disciplines. There are no admission examination procedures for a special student in graduate courses at Ribeirão Preto Medical School-USP. The student can enroll in disciplines at any time during the semester until the beginning of the chosen discipline.

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Discipline that will be offered for the 2nd semester/2021:

RAL 5891 Biomecânica e aplicação das placas bloqueadas
RAL 5838 Estatística Aplicada a Ensaios Clínicos
RAL 5856 Métodos de Investigação em Hemodiluição Normovolêmica Aguda
RAL 5883 Avaliação Translacional de Novas Técnicas de Tratamentos das Patologias da Coluna Vertebral