For initial accreditation:

a) link with a research institution

b) line of research, projects and subject proposal that harmonize with the program’s goals;

c) regular scientific production in the last 4 (four) years, having published at least two articles in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal indexed in the PubMed database, with an impact factor greater than or equal to 1.0 in the Journal Citation database Reports (JCR)


For Re-accreditation:

1- For full re-accreditation, the professor must comply with the same minimum accreditation requirements specified in the item above and the following requirements will also be taken into account:a)

a) The advisor must necessarily have taught a discipline in the postgraduate program in HEALTH SCIENCES APPLIED TO THE LOCOMOTOR APPLIANCE in the last accreditation period.

b) professors must have supervised at least one master’s thesis or doctoral thesis, and have published with their supervisees at least one article in an international peer-reviewed journal indexed in the PubMed database or patent resulting from a thesis or dissertation, in the last four years.

c) have supervised at least one scientific initiation student in the previous quadrennium.

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