Social Demand Program (SD)

The objective is to promote the training of high-level human resources through scholarships to master’s and Ph.D. courses.

The scholarships will be granted to public institutions, evaluated by CAPES with a grade equal to or higher than three.

SD scholarships are managed by institutions and graduate courses, which are responsible for selecting and monitoring scholarship holders, according to CAPES guidelines.

The Graduate Program in Health Sciences Applied to the Locomotor System relies on:

– Masters/SD Scholarships – R$ 2.100,00 monthly

– Ph.D. Scholarships/SD -R$ 3.100,00 monthly

– Postdoctoral Scholarships/PNPD – R$ 5.200,00 monthly

The scholarship renewal takes place every six months. The Scholarship Committee monitors the activities carried out by the fellows through reports delivered in the program.

The program also has scholarship students and research assistance programs through another funding agency: FAPESP. CNPq


– Be regularly enrolled in the Program;

– Do not have an employment contract. The applicant shall prove that he/she does not have a paid job;

– The applicant shall fill in the registration form (attached below), sign, and deliver it to the Graduate Program secretariat with the requested documents. The absence of any document will result in the exclusion of the student from the scholarship selection process. Do not include documents that were not requested.


– Scholarships will be granted based on a ranking list

– It will be granted for six months, and it can be renewed for another six months, if the academic performance goals are met.


– Meet deadlines for enrollment in the course;

– Have been well evaluated by the Program Coordinating Committee in performance reports;

– For CAPES scholarship holders, Master’s and Ph.D. courses, it is mandatory to have attended the Teaching Improvement Program (PAE);

– All graduate students in the program must attend at least two defenses (presentation and discussion) in the program, with at least one Ph.D. Thesis per year;


The scholarship will be canceled immediately:

– If it is proven that the student has any paid work, either formal or informal;

Failure to comply with the requirements above mentioned, and/or if any fraud is committed by the scholarship holder, the scholarship will be terminated, with a full and immediate refund of the resources, according to the law, also causing, the impossibility of receiving benefits from CAPES for five years.

Form- selection criteria for CAPES fellows

CAPES Scholarship Commitment Term

Defense Attendance Declaration

Post-Doctorate/PNPD CAPES

The PNPD/CAPES, CAPES National Postdoctoral Program, is an institutional grant program that finances academic postdoctoral internships (PPG) recommended by CAPES.

Currently, the Graduate Program in Health Sciences Applied to the Locomotor System has two institutional quotas used. The amount is R$ 4.100,00 per month.


The Dean of Research manages the Institutional Scientific Initiation Scholarship Program (PIBIC) for undergraduate students. This program aims to promote the development of the institution’s research by referring undergraduate students to scientific discovery and experience with the procedures and methodologies adopted in science and technology.

The scholarships are granted for 12 (twelve) months, with renewals being allowed.